Claire Mc Dermott

The concept behind Mc Dermott’s work is based on the spent anatomy of a flower.  Now setting seed, the older flower no longer draws the same attention as it once did.   She asks us what do we know about plants?  She reflects on what has been planted in our consciousness verses our deep experience of plants. 

With her detailed paintings and drawings of everyday flowers, not in high bloom but on the wane, her hope is that we re-see beyond our prejudices, an image of something unfamiliar: unfamiliar because the flower in her paintings are both magnified and spent, an unfamiliar combination for the viewer.  The watercolour paintings are botanically correct showing the structure and function of plants at a scale that a bee may observe.  Her current project titled - Identity, derives from microscopic studies of Michaelmas daisies whereas Virture is based on spent tulips. 

The meeting between Mc Dermott’s paintings and sculpture is located at the formation of petals when those petals progress into contorted yet exquisite forms, captivating yet unnoticed:  drawing us into the wider social and ecology issue.  Using their ecology and habitat she transforms her findings into sculpture by homing in on her ornate interpretation to stage her own engineered structures.  These contemporary sculptures with their symbolic components reflect and incorporate her urban environment.