Claire Mc Dermott

My work is at the intersection between art and science and this places me in an interesting realm as I used both these methodologies to exploring a floating seed and spent energy in nature.  The concept behind my artwork started to alter when I became aware that my interests in observing botany were being drawn into other natural sciences.  Contortion, compression and evaporation are all part of the formation of petals through senescence, but these processes also interweave into biophysics.  As each spent petal curls backwards on itself in contortion, no two petals create the same shape and seem to make this transition effortlessly through slow motion.  The shedding of external structural parts after their function has been fulfilled is a brutal process of abstraction as nature’s aim is always to grow to produce the next generation of life regardless of its own mortality.

From my concerns for the ecology of plants my outlook has broadened to include the environment.  The intention is not to express issues through defiance but a willingness to explore as if to speak out loud.  These ideas are the basis of the artworks which have been nurtured as they have developed.  The aim is to draw attention and arouse deeper curiosity.  In the artwork titled White Hole, spent energy was defined by encapsulating it in a large weather balloon, giving this phenomenon a visual concept.  From this realisation further artworks have incorporated a circle of white as a symbol of spent energy.

Project Reactionary, Title A Play, With Light; Case No 4

Materials - photograph mounted on curved metal, reclaimed wood for the Wardian case, light pendent, fabric and ribbon.  Dimensions - 77h x 90w x 60d cm  Year - 2020d.  Editions 1/12